In the wood shop

DSCN2567   Rebuilding a Stampe c/s and tailplane.

Here I’m rebuilding yet another Stampe center section. I think this is my 9th. An original Stampe center section is always found with distorted main ribs, caused by the triangulation of the tensioned landing wires across the ribs on both sides, so that eventually the rear tube crushes the stand off blocks into the back of the fuel tank. New ribs are made to drawings with quarter sawn sitka spruce, sandwiched in birch ply. Usually, the leading edge ribs can be saved, but the rest of the woodwork is replaced with new, because the original woodwork is built around the tubes and has to be cut away to dismantle the structure.

In the winter I spend a lot of the time tucked up in the wood shed with the heater on and Planet Rock on the radio. A sharp chisel, honed to perfection, is a joy indeed.