The Pipes

_YGS2892pipe band Occasionally, when all the aircraft are servicable, I take the oppertunity to let off steam and get some practice in. Seen here at Zhuhai Airport, South China, with the Global Stars. At 33 degrees and 90% humidity, I couldn’t possibly wear the full regalia.
The Great Highland Bagpipes advertise my business on arrival at airfields all over the UK and the World. Got a broken aeroplane? I can fix it. But when you hear a lament at the end of the day, you’re too late, I’m going home.
Do you need a piper to play at your wedding, funeral, Burns night, divorce celebration? Or a full pipe band to lead your party to Armageddon and beyond?

Special rate for 2018.¬†Invest ¬£500 with me today and I’ll play at your funeral anywhere, any time in the future. Full refund if you didn’t like it.