New Stampe Certification

Changes to Stampe certification
A new Type Certificate is in the final stages of completion by the Belgian CAA in answer to Belgian registered owners who are all currently operating on a Permit to Fly, which restricts their movements outside of Belgium. The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority is to take over responsibility for all versions of Stampe SV4 by introducing the new Type Certificate which will cover all aircraft with this type designation. The Type Certificate will amalgamate both Fiche de navigability no. 2 and 6, and include all subsequent developments and modifications such as Stampes with engines other than Gipsy and Renault.
In March/April 2016, Belgian registered machines will be the first to be transferred from their current Permit to Fly status back to a full Certificate of Airworthiness under Annexe 2, i.e. National rules, with no exceptions. Unusually, the Belgian Authority itself will be the holder of the Type Certificate.
The immediate implication for Stampes registered outside of Belgium, is that with the existence of a Type Certificate holder, they will no longer qualify for a Permit to Fly, and may also be transferred back to a Certificate of Airworthiness. The process of transfer back to a C of A is not unprecedented for Stampes in the UK, and involves proving compliance, since being transferred to a Permit to Fly, with the requirements for qualification for a Certificate of Airworthiness. In practical terms, this would mean showing that parts fitted since transfer are from an approved source, the new Belgian maintenance schedule is applied, and that the aircraft conforms to the Type Certificate.