Airshow work overseas

Aerobatic teams sending aircraft abroad hire me to reassemble and certify their aircraft. Preparing for a display typically involves removing the component parts from a container, and seeing the job through to completion and release.We keep the aircraft fuelled, oiled and maintained for the duration.Then, when the party’s over, dismantle the aircraft and carefully pack them into their containers. I love it.

The most recent display in the Philippines(Feb 18) with the Flying Circus Wingwalkers was a great success, I hope we are invited back next year.

The next job for the Wingwalkers is in Zhenzhou, China in April/May 18, my third time at this event. Last year the aerobatic competition was won by the “Blades” with my certification on the paperwork. They had a hand in winning it as well I suppose.

Other recent jobs include Zhuhai, China, and Vijayawada, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, India.